Doxycycline 100

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Doxycycline 100

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bottle containing ammonium Doxycycline 100 carbonate to prevent the latter from turning white and conversion into bicarbonate. Bull. Pharm., Sept., 1907, 380. . Sulphammonium Question of its Existence as a Typical Ammonium Compound. In 1905 Ruff and Geisel stated that the action of sulphur upon ammonia may be represented by the reversible equation 10S + t6NHs ~*' N4S4 -f 6(NH4),S, and that the coloration of sulphammonium is produced only in Doxycycline 100 presence of free sulphur, which gives a colloidal solu- tion with the liquefied ammonia. To establish the fact Doxycycline 100 P. Lebeau and P. Damoiseau have endeavored to show the presence of sulphuretted hydro- gen and nitrogen sulphide in sulphammonium. However, as a trace of an impurity is often sufficient to bring about a reaction, the authors thought that a trace of water which is difficult to avoid in the case of a gas as hygroscopic as ammonia might play some part in the reaction. They therefore repeated the experiments, taking special precautions to ensure the absence of moisture, and then found that RufT and GeisePs reversible reaction does not represent the true facts unless water is present ; and, moreover, their observations on the stability and the identity of the colora- tion of solutions of sulphammonium containing very different proportions of sulphur and ammonia, show that Moissan's conclusions regarding the Digitized by Google 276 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. existence of sulpharamonium as a type of ammonium compound are not disproved. Chem, News, July 26, 1907, 47 ; from Compt. rend., 144 (1908), No. 25. Ammonium- Calcium Sulphate (Ammonium Syngenite) Formula. In order to determine whether ammonium syngenite contains one molecule of water or two, J. D'Ans subjected the pure salt to a pressure of some thousand atmospheres in a hydraulic press, thus freeing it almost entirely from its mother liquor. The salt was then powdered, and again pressed between filter-paper. When then dried in a desiccator it gave up 80 prr cent, of water. At 170** C. it gave up 6.02 per cent., and on ignition it lost 47.66 per cent, of (NH4)2S04. These results prove conclusively that the salt has the formula CaS04.(NH4)8S04+H,0. Chem. News, March 20, 1908, 143; from Ber. d. D. Chem. Ges., 41 {1908), No. 2. Lithium Apparent Production from Copper, In a letter to " Nature,'* Sir William Ramsay announced the apparent production of lithium in a copper solution by the emanations from radium (see also Radio-Active Minerals under Radium^, It had been previously shown by himself and Mr. Soddy that the spontaneous change of the emanation from radium re- sults in the formation of helium. Other researches have shown that when the radium emanation is in contact with, and dissolved in water, the inert gas which is procured by the change consists mainly of neon ; only a trace of helium could be detected. When a saturated solution of copper Doxycycline 100 sulphate was substituted for water no helium was produced ; the main pro- duct being argon, possibly containing a trace of neon, for some of the stronger of its lines appear to be present in the spectrum. The residue after the removal of the copper from this Doxycycline 100 solution, showed the spectra of sodium and of calcium, (which might have been derived from the glass of the container) ; the red lithium line was also observed, but was faint. This last observation has been made four times, in two cases with copper sulphate and in two with copper nitrate; all possible precautions were taken, and similar Doxycycline 100 residues from lead nitrate and from water gave no indi- cation of the presence of lithium ; nor was hthium detected in a solution of copper nitrate. The apparent result is spoken of by Sir William Ramsay as a " degradation " of copper into lithium. Drugg. Circ, Sept., 19071 5S4. Rubidium- Calcium Sulphates Preparation and Properties, J. D'Ans and W. Leh obtain rubidium- calcium sulphate as follows : Finely divided gypsum is added to a 30 per Doxycycline 100 cent, solution of rubidium sulphate and the mixture allowed to stand in the cold. The salt which separates out is washed with alcohol and ether. The rubidium syngenite crystallizes in long needles, and is isomorphous with potassium and ammonium syn- genites. A sulphate, Rb,Ca,(S04)8, separates when 30 per cent, rubidium sulphate solution is boiled with gypsum. No rubidium pcntacalcium sul- Digitized by Google CALCIUM CHLORIDE, B. P. 277 phatc, RbjCa6(S04).H,0, has yet been obtained Doxycycline 100 ; if it exists its preparation probably requires a lower temperature and a low RbS04 concentration. Chem. News, Jan. 31, 1908, 60; from Ber. d. D. Chem. Ges., 40 (1907), No. 18. ALKALINE EARTHS. Calcium Its Properties and Possibilities. ^Arthur E. Pratt describes calcium and discusses its industrial possibilities. It is a silvery-white metal readily oxidized in moist air. It is very light (sp. gr. 1.52), fairly malle- able, has a high specific heat, and is a good conductor of electricity. It is about as hard as aluminum, but at 400 C. becomes as soft as lead. It is volatile, and can be sublimed in vacuo between 700 C. Doxycycline 100 and 800 C, and melts at the latter temperature. It is a powerful reducing agent, and its most promising application is as such and for the refining of metals. In the latter case it acts in three distinct ways : ( i ) By reducing oxides and sulphides ; Doxycycline 100 (2) by eliminating dissolved gases ; (3) by forming compounds with certain impurities, thus rendering them less deleterious. All three modes of action are strikingly shown in the case of copper. A suitable addition of calcium will remedy "dry" or "sulphury" copper, give a sound casting, and give a soft and tough ingot with prohibitive proportions of bismuth or antimony, besides restoring ordinary overpoled copper to tough pitch. Doxycycline 100 If excess of calcium is present, however, it induces brittle- ness on its own account. As regards alloys, the chfef effect of calcium being to produce brittleness, crystallization and hardness, no alloy of cal- cium, with two doubtful exceptions, has shown any promise of commercial utility so far as physical properties are concerned, the only likely applica- tion in this direction being its hardening property. Chem. News, Aug. 30, 1907, 100. Calcium Chloride j B. P. Method of Determining Official Quality. B. C. Cowley, with the object of putting dispensing chemists on their guard, observes that the calcium chloride which is now official is that con- taining two molecules of water, obtained by heating calcium chloride to
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